Self-Managed Abortion

Resources to share information about SMAfrom New York City for Abortion Rights and the Reproductive Justice Collective at Columbia and NY

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"Abortion Is Ours: Self-Managed Abortion and Organizing For Abortion Now"

Revolutions Per Minute podcast episode featuring information from NYCFAR on how New Yorkers can support and organize for self-managed abortion access.

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Checklist for Information Sharing

Remember to not give direct 'advice' and instead talk generally and in the third person.Information below from SASS (

Before an Abortion

  • Confirm the pregnancy through a test or ultrasound.

  • Calculate weeks of pregnancy (from first day of last menstruation).

  • Any contraindications? (Medical condition, IUD)

  • Make a plan: Have someone with them, get ibuprofen and anti-nausea medicines, identify a comfortable place and make arrangements for childcare, a day away from activities, etc.

  • Be no more than 2 hours away from medical care in case of emergency.

  • Confirm that the pregnant person is deciding for themselves to use abortion pills.

Giving information

  • Explain the protocol (how many pills and how to use)

  • Explain what to expect: usual side effects (chills, light fever, diarrhea, vomiting), and when to expect onset of bleeding, cramping, and expulsion of pregnancy.

  • Explain the signs of rare complications (excessive bleeding, high fever, vaginal discharge, severe pain that isn't relieved with painkillers).

  • Describe what to do if no bleeding (confirm quality of medicines, rule out ectopic pregnancy, confirm the length of the pregnancy and repeat the procedure if appropriate).

  • Clarify how to identify that the abortion was successful. (changes in pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy test after 3 weeks or an ultrasound)


  • Expect light bleeding for 9-14 days

  • Nothing in the vagina for 2 days

  • Able to start the use of contraceptives right away

  • Confirm end of pregnancy (pregnancy test 3-4 weeks later or ultrasound)

Information above combined from SASS, YouthAsc, Women Help Women, and Plan C Pills. We're so grateful for their work!